PuttyConfer manages the Putty configuration in the registry. It allows you to:

I wrote this because I wanted to be able to change an option in several sessions without having to edit each session individually.

You can download the binary by clicking on PuttyConfer.0.1.exe.zip (it requires some version of .NET). This program won't create any registry keys for itself or files in your Windows system directories, so uninstalling it should be a matter of deleting the executable file. The source code is also available at PuttyConfer.sources.0.1.zip. PuttyConfer was made using Borland Delphi 2005 and was written in C#. Feedback is welcome. I'm very interested in anything that could have been done more easily in the code.

Click on video for a small (75Kbytes) flash video demonstrating PuttyConfer. Consider this the documentation.

Feel free to contact me by email at andre.luiz.dos.santos.at.netvision.com.br@remove.this.com. Or Skype Me, my Skype Name is andreluizdossantos (I speak portuguese and a barely understandable english).